Catapult Your Website to the Top of the Search Engines

Optimizing your website with high value links, thoughtful website design that includes multimedia files, and classic grammar, will make the difference between top ten or last page on search engine queries.

SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization. Website owners, who are focused on superior ranking and position, must develop and implement SEO marketing strategies that result in much better than average rank and position.

Search Engine Optimization Marketing or SEO Marketing, is the composition of grammatically correct, key word dense website content. Search engines such as Google or Bing, rank your website content based on error free text, which is relevant to the website visitors search

When web surfers are searching for a freelance writer, the website that uses “freelance writer” every 80 words in combination with grammatically correct text will have a higher rank, and the most favorable position.

Most of us struggle with grammatically correct text, and even the most widely used, updated word processing software is no guarantee of grammatically optimized website content.

Thankfully, there are free online grammar checkers that evaluate your content, and help users improve their grammar and vocabulary skills.

It is widely known and accepted that optimized content can drive traffic to your website, and enhance your visitor to buyer conversion rate.

The development of Search Engine Optimization consists of the creation of applicable keyword dense website content, and perfect grammatical composition, in concert with a relevant web page title. Images that are accessibility optimized are also essential to optimal search engine position and rank.

Enhancing or improving your visitor to buyer conversion rate should result in an increase in website sales, and subsequent profits. After all, website owners don’t market and invest in their website to make less money.

SEO is the strategy every business owner must implement to generate profits, and catapult traffic. Internet profitability is contingent upon the most favorable rank.

The way your website is designed can also contribute to a more auspicious position. Websites that are designed with text before images, and multimedia files such as video, will improve your position and rank.

High Value Links

Linking to high valued links such as, and social media sites like Facebook, will have a positive traffic generating effect on your rank and position. When you post videos on sites like or Twitter you create a link back to your website. These high value links will increase your rank and position exponentially, provided the content you use to describe the video content is grammatically correct.

Improving the rank and position of your website should enhance your website traffic, and increase your visitor to buyer conversion rate. The combination of; grammatically correct text, optimized images, deliberate website design, high value links and relevance is Search Engine Optimization.

The History and Evolution of Search Engines

In 1990 Archie the world’s first search engine was introduced to the World Wide Web followed by other several others that did not use any algorithm to display search queries results. The commencement of the new millennium has witnessed fierce completions among several search engines for internet search. Some of the big names were Lycos, AOL, AltaVista, Excite, HotBot, InfoSeek, Yahoo, MSN and Google. The mighty Google was just another search engine trying to make a name for itself. In the year 2002 Google started to quickly gain huge market share forcing several search engines to close their doors in the following few years. Unlike Yahoo and MSN Google focused primarily on being the best search engine. On the other hand Yahoo and MSN spent billions trying to be the best at everything only to realize years later that it was a devastating mistake. Google hired the smartest people on the planet to develop a highly sophisticated algorithm that produced most relevant search results in less than half a seconds, Google’s strategy proved to be the best. In October 2015, comScore reported that Google had 63.9 percent of the search market.

The History of PPC Search Engine Marketing

Several PPC platforms made millions through a business model that rewarded the top bidder the first position and the second highest bidder second and so on. Findwhat and Overture acquired later on by Yahoo had the biggest network of affiliate websites. Those affiliate websites, earned a commission percentage on each click generated through their website. Invalid clicks otherwise known as robot clicks designed to produce fraudulent clicks on search listings to generate extra profit for them on the advertiser’s expense was very common, hindering the quality of the traffic.

With the introduction of Google AdWords quality score, an algorithm that does not only display the search results based only on the cost per click but also on several other factors such as the your ad’s expected CTR, ad relevance, landing page experience, and more. Google quality score has revolutionized search engine marketing and proved to be very successful in providing the user with the most accurate and relevant search results. Today with the exception of Bing ads a joint venture between Yahoo and MSN all PPC search engines are out of business due to the fact that no one was able to stop Google from gaining the lion’s share of the billions of dollars spent every year on search marketing.

The Main Difference Between Organic SEO and PPC

As a marketing expert with over 10 years experience in organic marketing and 6 years AdWords (PPC) experience I’m often asked the question, which is best for my site, PPC or Organic SEO?

All niches and businesses are different, so are their target customers, areas they cover and their marketing budget. A good professional marketer will analyse both PPC and Organic SEO and tell you the best option for your business and budget.

PPC is great for new sites/businesses targeting a competitive niche, unfortunately in a competitive niche the bid required to have your ad seen at the top of page one for 80% of searches can be phenomenal and cost more than a lot of businesses are willing or able to pay.

It’s up to the marketing company to research your niche and see what sort of bid may be required, not just sign you up regardless as sometimes PPC just isn’t practical. Also, with PPC it is all about control and good management. Many novices will simply select every keyword Google suggests which will burn through funds in no time but target the wrong customers.

Google’s keyword suggestion algorithm doesn’t know who or what you are trying to target and whilst the keyword ‘Windows’ may get 1000′s of monthly searches in your target area a window installer isn’t going to get a phone call from someone looking for the latest Microsoft operating system, although the click they did on you link still costs you money. This is often an underhanded trick used by dubious marking companies just so they can say look! Your ad got 1000′s of impressions, aren’t we great?

Organic SEO or Organic Marketing, which is the term I prefer, does require skill and whilst there are still rogues and amateurs out there offering a poor organic service that will do nothing to help your business, organic marketing isn’t targeted as much by the large unskilled marketing companies offering PPC. This is because a few months into the campaign it’s easy to see that you are in fact not climbing the results and their efforts are unsuccessful.

Organic marketing is also chosen for longevity, unlike PPC you don’t appear on page 1 right away as it takes time to tweak your site, build a good back link profile and promote yourself, but once you do reach page 1 you will usually stay there. With PPC you get instant results but once you stop the campaign your result disappear instantly.

Unfortunately there are a growing number of sales driven marketing companies cropping up all over the country, cold calling 100′s of businesses a day offering ‘First Page on Google’ through PPC marketing, companies with little or no marketing experience. This is because PPC does not need internet marketing expertise or knowledge it simply requires that you study the system and manage your funds and keyword bids, this on its own doesn’t lead to a successful campaign as there is a lot more to it.

A genuine, professional marketing company will always offer both organic marketing and paid marketing (PPC), if a company only offers PPC then it is usually a sign that they are not experts at all and are simply jumping onto the bandwagon.

Understanding The Significance of Content Writing in SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is very important for the growth of a business. Web marketers or SEO specialists who are responsible for doing the search engine optimization of client websites require adopting SEO strategies to enhance the visibility of the website in the various search engine results pages. The website visibility depends on how well the SEO expert conducts on-page as well as off-page optimization of the client website. In the context of on-page or off-page search engine optimization, it is important to understand that the emphasis is always on the website contents. It is important that the content for on-page as well as off-page search engine optimization is well written with proper distribution of keywords, anchor text. The objective is to attract more and more web traffic to a business. From this angle the significance of content writing and content writers is high when it comes to search engine optimization.

Tips on Writing SEO Contents

This blog discusses how you should write content while doing on-page or off-page SEO activities.

On-Page Content Writing

if you are focussing on on-page activities then you know that you have to write high-quality content for your website pages. The objective is to attract more and more traffic to your business. Understand that greater traffic implies higher lead-generation and subsequently greater conversion of leads to sales. While writing on-page content like the content for a website’s about-us page, you require to be very specific about your business, you require to highlight your business objective. While writing the content you can use anchor text as and where required. The links that you use need to be relevant. There should not be an overuse of keywords. The keyword distribution should not exceed 1%-3% in the entire content. If you follow these rules then you discover that your website content is presentable and attracts more and more online traffic.

Off-page Content Writing

Off-page search engine optimization means link building. Link building in SEO is very important as it helps to enhance the page rank of a website, it helps to enhance the DA or domain authority value, the PA or page authority value of a website. During the process of link building, the web marketers require to post content along with relevant links in a number of blog sites, article sites, forum sites, question answers site, press release sites. To create the content the web marketers require the participation of content writers. To do off-page content writing the web marketers require to follow some rules. They require to write content on the topic, include keywords that are relevant to the topic. The content writers require to use anchor texts linking relevant websites or web resources. In this context, it is relevant to add that the content writers can do keyword research to find out the keywords to be used for the content, or else the list of keywords will be furnished by the client. There should not be an overuse of the keywords. The entire content should have a keyword density in the range of 1% to 3% only.

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